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Wikilogy (pronunciation wi·ki /ˈwikē/ - lo·gy /ˈlōɡē/) is another free, English open-collaborative online encyclopedia for artiste, actors, Business directories and notable people, the platform is created and maintained by a community of volunteer contributors.

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Building an advanced and modern encyclopedia 

Wikilogy believes in building a modern and advanced Encyclopedia that allows multimedia content such as videos, interviews of the subject in the main space. For us, news video is also as notable as any text news, the reliable news sources does not necessarily needs to be in a textual form.

Wikilogy is an online encyclopedia where anyone can write about anything!

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🎯 Purposes of Wikilogy

Wikilogy is for notable people just like Wikipedia. The site has many of the same features, such as Visual Editor and a front end optimized for viewing from mobile devices.

Latest Wikilogy News

2020-07-11 Discover how Wikilogy can help you to get your knowledge Panel on Google Search results for your bio or your company. More info's on How to get my knowledge panel on Google?

Claim you knowledge panel on Google

Wikilogy can help you to get your knowledge Panel on Google Search results.

How to get my knowledge panel on Google

1) Create your Bio on Wikilogy (example "Christian Canlubo" ) or company page.

2) Fill in as many fields as you can and save to get an Info Box (on the top right of your article)

3) Write your bio content with at least 100 words and improve the SEO see here some tips

A bio with content and Infobox at the right which contains structured data.

Your Knowledge Panel is now displayed on search results and you can claim it!

4) Click on "Claim this knowledge panel" and follow Google's instructions

Remember It's not up to Wikilogy 😞 only search engines decide whether to display the knowledge panel.

BUT the more your Wikilogy page is linked by relevant pages and the more you have structured data more you have a chance to get a knowledge panel.

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