African Tourism with Joseph Jegede

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African Tourism with Joseph Jegede[edit | edit source]

is a lifestyle program that takes you through histories, cultures, and locations across Africa through the lens of a tourist. As an edutainment show, you remain drawn to the consciousness of other people's reality and a slice of their music rooted in this reality.

African Tourism with Joseph Jegede
Presented byJoseph Jegede
Production locationDistrict FM Studio
Running time3 Hours
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Usually an hour, African Tourism is like a 3-course meal every tourist would love to take - an appetizing history of the place, the main tourist attraction, and a dessert of lovely music. Right from the opening, the soundtrack calls your attention to a journey worth going, and to music and instrumentals that fit then to a time of verified facts that secure you for your next planned tour.

Anchored by a lover of traveling who sees tourism as a tool for economic development, the profitability of tourist sites, and how tourists also get the best experience and value for their pay is extensively discussed. Live interview sessions on the show with tourists and travelers who have visited areas discussed on the program further validate the show.

Join us every week, and enjoy a virtual tour to the next site of your vacation