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Ise Theatre Troupe is a leading African theatre company based in Benin, Nigeria. It was founded in 2011 by Nigerian-Canadian Celebrity Sandra Idubor. The company's mandate is to promote and preserve the rich Edo culture through choreography and dance dramas. Since it debuted at a carnival in May 2011, the troupe has performed at several social events across Nigeria. The troupe is home to some of the best choreographers, singers and instrumentalists in Africa. It won the Best Theatre Company Award at the 2020 District Entertainment Awards.

Ise Theatre Troupe
TypeTheatre Troupe Company
FounderSandra Idubor
HeadquartersBenin City, Edo State

Brief History

[1]Sandra Idubor first experience with choreography was in 1988, when she was a member of a cultural dance group that performed at her school's event. Though she was barely six, her teachers had made her the leader of the group due to her exceptional dancing skills. Her presentation had thrilled guests (parents and staffs) at the event that she received a standing ovation. This was where her love for choreography started.

At the age of fourteen, she joined a professional dance troupe, giving her the opportunity to perform at several events across Edo State. By the time, she left the group years later to focus more on her budding acting career, she had become a master choreographer.

Passionate about cultural entertainment, she decided to establish her own theatre company. Having received support from her mentors in the industry, she assembled a team of choreographers, singers and instrumentalists; people she had worked with over the years. Ise Theatre Troupe was formed in 2011 and performed at its first event in the month of May that year.


Location & Work

Ise Theatre Troupe is located in the ancient city of Benin, Edo State. The troupe sphere of influence lies in Southern Nigeria, where it has built a booming clientele base. Members of the troupe belong to the Benin tribe and speak the Bini language fluently. Singing Bini songs, they thrill their audience with energetic dance steps. Since 2011, the troupe has performed in over 250 events, providing 300,000 guests with quality cultural entertainment. They have been hired to perform at wedding receptions, burial ceremonies, birthday parties, carnivals, concerts, send forth parties and cultural days across the South South region. Operating under the guidance of the Creative Director, Sandra Idubor, the team has become a household name in Edo State.

Notable Members

The troupe boasts of some of the best choreographers, singers, composers and instrumentalists on the continent.

Sandra Idubor - Creative Director/Team Lead

Agnew Odigie - Lead Choreographer

Patricia Itohan - Lead Singer

Ehis Eromosele - Lead Instrumentalist

Awards & Nominations

In recognition of their great work in the entertainment industry, the theatre troupe won the Best Theatre Company In Nigeria Award at the 2020 District Entertainment Awards. In 2018, they were nominated for the Theatre Company Of The Year category at Prestige Global Awards and TCAN Industry Awards respectively. They clinched the Best Choreography Group at the 2016 Continental Theatre Arts Award.


The theatre company is in key partnerships with the following organizations:

Dihamy TV Network

Dihamy Radio Station

District FM

District TV

Sandra Talk Show