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District TV is an international digital TV channel that covers trendy political, business, sports and entertainment news. It showcases the best of TV shows, movies, web series, music and fashion exhibitions. Founded in September 2016, the station is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and broadcasts its contents to thousands of viewers across the world. It's fully operational in 195 countries and islands. Rated as the number one online Television channel in Africa, District TV has become popular for breaking important news as they unfold across the globe.

District TV
District TV
SloganKeeping You Informed
Sister channelsDistrict FM
FounderInnocent Uzoma Michael
Streaming media

On the 1st of October 2016, District TV started broadcasting from its Lagos Office. It's first news item was the Presidential Address by H.E Muhammadu Buhari (the executive President of Nigeria). Since that day, the channel has gone on to publish over 800,000 news stories. It covers main news topics such as politics, finance, education, health, entertainment, sports, celebrity gist and gossips. From Africa to the far ends of Asia, District TV covers important stories as they occur. During the 2019 Nigerian general elections, District TV was one of the few online media channels that provided the citizens (including those in diaspora) with first-hand information. With its reporters spread across different cities in Nigeria, the channel was able to give an excellent reportage of the election process in several polling units in the country. It achieved the same feat in 2020 when it gave an unbiased coverage of the US elections, reporting live the results for the office of the president as it was being collated. With an average viewership of hundred persons by the end of 2016, the TV station has grown its audience to over one million persons as of December 2020. In August 2018, it was ranked as the fourth in viewership among online media platforms in Nigeria. In June 2020, it ranked 1st among online TV channels in Africa. This lofty achievements can be attributed to the fact that the channel showcases the best of movies, TV and web series, songs, comedy shows, fashion and lifestyle shows. Most of the contents on District TV are in English Language while the rest are in Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and Pidgin English. The channel is fully operational 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Being an online TV station, it is accessible to everyone in the world irrespective of geographical location. Viewers can read and watch its contents from the comfort of their homes, offices, or while commuting in a bus or train. With the aid of a smartphone or personal computer (PC) and good internet connection, people of all races can enjoy the interesting contents on the channel.

Background[edit | edit source]

The idea to start an online TV channel first came to Mr Innocent Michael's mind in 2012. Mr Innocent, a career media personality with almost two decades experience didn't act on the idea immediately and waited till 2016 before putting his vision into action. Pulling resources together, he founded the TV channel on the 29th of September 2016. Two days later, the channel published its debut news item and within months, it became the favourite of people who love digital TV channels. Aware that it needed to stand out from its competitors, the TV channel led by Mr Innocent was quick to cut its edge in the business by being the first with breaking news. Another plus to the channel was the fact that it became a hub for lovers of trending movies, songs, fashion and reality shows. In the past five years, the station has committed to its mission of keeping its viewers informed on important events happening around the world.

Operation[edit | edit source]

District TV is owned by District Communications Group. Its sister companies are District Radio, District Creative Agency, District Online Newspaper and District Magazine. Formerly, the Executive Manager of the TV station, Mr Innocent Uzoma Michael is the President of District Communications Group. The current Executive Manager is Mr Joseph Manager. He is assisted in his duties by a well experienced managerial team that comprises of a News Director, Sales Manager and Production Manager. As the President of the group, Mr Innocent is in charge of implementing and overseeing the station's policies. In conjunction with the General Manager, he coordinates the programming schedules and also ensures that the news and technical staffs work effectively in pursuing the station's vision.

Programming[edit | edit source]

District TV weekly schedule involves the publication of news stories both in daytime and night hours. Also the channel publishes breaking news items as they unfold. These stories are supported by top-notch programmes such as: \

  • State Of The Nation
  • Politics Today
  • Entertainment Corner
  • Business Street
  • Music Train
  • Health Matters
  • Education Matters
  • Sports Arena
  • Fashion Hub

The aforementioned programmer are shown at scheduled times on different days of the week. The channel also broadcasts drama series, web series, movies, music videos and comedy shows on a daily basis.