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[1]Anthony Chinedu Uka-Kalu Also Know as Flaming Max, he is a Nigerian Igbo man from Abia State and lives in Lagos state , he also a Christian. He is the third born and second son in a family of four. He can be slight mischievous among his siblings but sometimes shy among new people for a while.

Anthony Chinedu Uka-Kalu
Anthony Chinedu Uka-Kalu
Born (1994-04-04) April 4, 1994 (age 27)
Other namesFlaming Max
Net worth$50,432
Height183 cm (6 ft 0 in)

He has being to two countries England and United Streets of Asaaga. His favorite slogans are If you can imagine, you can create it” and “What goes around, must surely come around”. He dislikes pride, a fool remaining in or his/her foolishness, someone that doesn’t know proper timing which is not knowing there is time for everything, fooling one’s self, lies, the spread of rumour and time wastage. He is a Graphic Designer/3D Modelling/Animator/DJ by profession, He an easy going guy and weird.

Early Life, Career And Study[edit | edit source]

He holds two Degrees, which are Bachelor of Science in Micro Biology from Caleb University Imota, Lagos and also a Master’s of Science in Illustration and Animation. He enjoys long strolls, comedy, anime, and adventures of life. He is a youth who has a great purpose that drives his creativity. he loves learning new things. He enjoys reading on Science fiction stories, fantasy stories and spiritual stories, if you think about it, these three sectors are very close and related. Science explains how the physical realm works, spiritual stories explain how the spirit realm works and fantasy talks about the possibility of merge both scientific activities and spiritual activities to change one’s perspective.

He is graphic design, 2D and 3D animation specialist with practical knowledge of design and creative techniques, tools and principles for the production of technical plans. He is determined and with an excellent spirit to achieve a carrier in Graphic design, computer animation and computer visual effect. He is reliable, talented, responsible, goal-oriented and matured in all duties.

He possesses outstanding interpersonal skills and communication skills. He derives joy in making new friends. His mentors are God, his father, Bill Gates and his brother. He also enjoys creating, renovating and upgrading his works both past and present graphics and 3d models. He has observed that we learn and improve day, to display this life lesson, he shows it in his artworks.

He is currently working with District FM as Graphic Designer and DJ, he designs flyers, posters and magazine for District Media House also host, shows on District FM on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays. His works are displayed my online portfolio ready to be viewed at any time and District FM adverts.

He is inspired to be an animation film director both in illustration (comics), animated films and an international freelance graphic designer. Online portfolio link: Flickr His shows are called Motivative Mondays, Toxic Thursdays and Fiesta Fridays. All of his shows are in the afternoon time in Africa Time and Green Meridian Time; all upcoming shows such as Two-days, Way-back Wednesdays, Saucy Saturdays and Spice Sundays will be in the evenings.

Shows[edit | edit source]


Hello Mondays[2]




Fiesta Time[4]

He doesn’t have much interest in cars but he prefers mini jeeps especially in Nigeria, he enjoys sightseeing in new places that has awesome tourist sites but he hates travelling because he finds it stressful, sometimes he wishes he could teleport to his place of choice. Travelling helps to increase and enlighten his mind to be more creativity to produce more excellent results. He also believes when anyone is in the workplaces or on-site, they should be observant in both things happening around them and beyond their sight, in sense of being updated on information both on social media and on the news. According to him, teamwork is power, if you doubt him, go ask the ants on how the survive. He always tries his possible best to be a team player because, without a team, a business or a company can’t function or progress to achieve the company’s goals.

3D Modeling[edit | edit source]

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